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Classic Progressive FSTVL Trance Anthems

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Classic Progressive FSTVL Trance Anthems Sample Pack - WAV / MIDI / Spire Presets

Get an amazing 26 Trance construction kits, loaded with nearly 2 GB of 24-Bit WAV loops, MIDI for melodic patterns along with all the features you’d expect from top sample label Elevated Trance. Loops recorded at 130 & 132 BPM.

Incredible value for anyone looking to expand their sample collection!

Classic Progressive FSTVL Trance Anthems

Trance Samples: Enhanced High Energy Trance

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Trance Loops & Samples From

Trance Euphoria are proud to release ‘Enhanced High Energy Trance’ featuring 20 professionally featured Trance Construction Kits, each including WAV loops, MIDI loops and presets for Sylenth1 and Reveal Sound Spire VST’s.

Download Trance Sample Packs Here

Inspired by the top Trance artists and festivals from around the world, ‘Enhanced High Energy Trance’ brings you the very best quality tools for your next productions.

These songstarters give you a great start to your next track or could be a great edition to your existing projects to give you another dimension to your tracks.

Kits: Each kit include all drum parts from kick (Compressed & Not Compressed) to several percussion loops, wet and dry loops for all the main parts also including filter up and down loops wet and dry, all MIDI parts are included and a mix down demo for each kit.

Folder structure is smartly arranged for ease of use also presets from Spire and Sylenth1 are included for each kit to replicate the sounds from the demo track: you have complete control! Each kit gives you song ideas to start your next Trance smash hit including Chords, Basses, Plucks, Leads, Synths and Pads.

The Advantages Of MIDI & Presets: With MIDI you have the ultimate in flexibility being able to edit notes, velocity etc and assign your own sound, these are easily imported to any DAW either Drag And Drop or Import MIDI Options in your DAW.

These MIDI loops are also a great source of inspiration for those “writer’s block” moments even the pros need motivation and inspiration from time to time, you can also learn how these have been constructed and change/tweak the MIDI to your own taste.

With the included presets you have complete control and can replicate the sounds you hear and that have been rendered for you to use in each kit, you can tweak and do what you want to achieve your own sound.

What’s In The Download?

20 x Trance Construction Kits (WAV, MIDI & Presets).
All WAV Files 24-Bit.
MIDI Files For Each Kit.
Presets For Each Kit – (37 x Reveal Sound Spire & 22 x Sylenth1).
Wet & Dry Loops For Each Kit.
Drum Kick Compressed/ Uncompressed Versions For Each Kit.
Several Percussion Variation WAV Loops.
Demo Mix Down Of Each Kit.
Loops BPM 136 And Key Info Labelled On Each Kit Folder.
Professionally Produced.
100% Royalty Free.

Product Statistics:

581 x Total Files.
463 x Total WAV Files (24-Bit).
59 x MIDI Files.
37 x Spire Presets.
22 x Sylenth1 Presets.
1.66 GB Unzipped.

Tech Trance Sample Pack: Tech Trance Portal

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Download Tech Trance Sample Pack

‘Tech Trance Portal’ from Elevated Trance features ten Tech Trance Construction Kits, including over 260 WAV loops, MIDI loops and bonus presets for Reveal Sound Spire and Sylenth1 synthesizers.

Tech Trance Loops & Samples Pack

‘Tech Trance Portal’ brings you another top quality Trance release stacked full with all the tools you’ll need for your next productions.

Inspired by the top Trance producers from around the globe, we know that our sample packs will help make your next track a killer!

These songstarters give you a great start to your next track or could be a great edition to your existing projects to give you another direction or dimension to your tracks.

What’s In The Download?

10 x Tech Trance Construction Kits.
All Wav Files 16-Bit.
Drums Folder For Each Kit Including (Kicks Compressed & Uncompressed) & Several Percussion Variations For Each Kit.
Wet & Dry Wav Folder Loops For All Main Parts In Each Kit Including Filtered Up & Down.
MIDI Folder For All Melodic Parts For Each Kit.
Mix Down For Each Kit.
Each Kit Folder labelled With Key & 138 BPM Info.
325 x Total Kit Files.
261 x WAV Files.
32 x MIDI Files.
25 x Spire Presets.
7 x Sylenth Presets.
632 MB Unzipped.
100% Royalty Free.


Trance MIDI Loops: Driving Trance Force MIDI Anthem Kits 2

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Download Trance MIDI Loops, FL Studio Templates & Reveal Sound Spire Presets

Get 20 blazing song ideas in ‘Driving Trance Force MIDI Anthem Kits 2’. The pack features nearly 200 MIDI loops for basslines, chord sequences and lead melodies.

The pack also includes 116 Reveal Sound Spire​ presets, allowing you to easily re-create the Trance sounds in each kit in the DAW of your choice.

FL Studio​ templates are also included for each kit! Over 280 MB of Trance Kits at 138 BPM.

Listen to the full length demo track, get the pack specs and download here.

Download Driving Force Trance MIDI Anthems Pack From DanceMIDISamples Now!

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New Trance WAV Loops, MIDI Pack & Spire Presets

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Get the latest Trance Construction Kits, wAV Loops, MIDI Loops & Reveal Sound Spire Presets Here

Trance Euphoria have launched their latest Trance sample pack – featuring an amazingly huge 20 construction kits stocked full of 480 WAV loops, over 40 Reveal Sound Spire presets and 60 MIDI loops, along with bonus presets for Sylenth1 too!

This really is a monster of a loop pack and synth preset pack, perfect for any Trance producer who wants access to a full blow Trance sample library!

Check out the demo track, get the full pack specs and download the Trance Sample Pack here.

Need more? Listen to our other Trance Samples, Presets, MIDI & Loops here.

Download Trance Samples, Kits & Synth Presets Here

Epic Pads & Atmospheres – WAV Multi-Samples

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Get over 2.7 GB of epic pad samples in one enormous, fully-featured sample pack from Dark Window Recs! This massive library of sonically rich and atmospherically textured pads provides a perfect toolkit for any producer in need of organic, evolving textures and atmospheres. Great for deep, emotional cinematic film & TV scores, as well as ambient and chillout downtempo electronic tracks!

Download Cinematic Pad Samples WAV

DMS Producer Tools – Orchestral Strings Edition Vol 6

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The new pack in our popular ‘Producer Tools’ series has arrived! We’ve created 50 incredibly smooth chord progressions aimed at orchestral string sounds – perfect for epic soundtracks and breakdowns. Each of these WAV and MIDI loops has been carefully designed by our pro MIDI masters to provide you with an essential spring-board of ideas for your next musical productions whether you produce music for movie or TV soundtracks, House, Trance, Chillout or anything in-between these excellent and ultimately flexible chords will find a home in your production toolkit.

Whats inside? This pack features 50 massive chord progressions in both 24-Bit WAV audio and super-flexible MIDI format.

Why MIDI? MIDI loops provide the absolute ultimate in control over the groove! Since MIDI files contain the note data for each sequence you’re completely free to change them in any way you wish – add your own sound from your favourite synth, change musical key or tempo, re-arrange the notes in your DAW’s piano roll editor, use only a portion of the sequence or even reverse it : all free from the constraints of time-stretching artefacts found when using audio loops. Complete flexibility from our experts here at

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

Download MIDI Loop Packs Here