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Asension 1.0.1 Now Available At Black Octopus Sound For $99 USD!

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Asension VST Synth - just $99 USD!

Get Ascension VSTi/ AU Synthesiser direct from our buddies at Black Octopus Sound for just $99 USD right now!

Grab your copy of version 1.0.1 right here:


Windows & Mac Synthesizer

Windows VST/ VST3
Mac OSX Audio Unit / VST3
Stand Alone Version Included
Support for 32 & 64 Bit DAWs

Over 870 Presets & 900 ROMs

Over 1100 Waveforms
Over 1700 MIDI Loops
10.5 GB ROM Library
Light & Dark Skins


Subtractive, Waveform & ROM OSCs
Arp With MIDI Player Mode
Drag N Drop MIDI To Your DAW

Multi FX Unit
Drag N Drop FX Chain
ADSR Envelope
ADSR Filter Envelope
4 Auxiliary Envelopes
8 Modulation Destinations
9 Filter Types

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or Higher
Mac OSX 10.9.5 or Higher

VST2 / 3 or AU Compliant Host
Minimum Of 8 GB RAM
11 GB Free Disk Space
Download Size: 8 GB


Psytrance Samples – Mega PSY Trance Bundle Volume 4

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Mega Psytrance Loops, Samples & Presets Bundle 4

Trance Euphoria are proud to release another super saving bundle – ‘Mega PSY Trance Bundle Volume 4’. This amazing value download features 4 top sample packs at one seriously low price tag!

With 75 Psytrance construction kits at your disposal you’ll get all the tools you need for some time to come!

What’s In The Bundle?

PSY Trance DNA [20 x Construction Kits WAV/MIDI/PRESETS].
PSY Trance Evolution [20 x Construction Kits WAV/MIDI/PRESETS].
PSY Trance Portal [20 x Construction Kits WAV/MIDI/PRESETS].
Storm Force PSY Trance [15 x Construction Kits WAV/MIDI/PRESETS]

Bundle Description Summary:

All WAV Files 24-Bit.
MIDI Files For Each Kit.
Spire, Serum & Sylenth1 Patches.
Wet & Dry Loops For Each Kit..
Drum Kick Compressed/Uncompressed Versions For Each Kit.
Several Percussion Variation Wav Loops.
Demo Mix Down Of Each Kit.
BPM 138 & Key Info Labelled On Each Kit Folder.
Professionally Produced.
100% Royalty Free.

Total Statistics:

75 x PSY Trance Construction Kits.
2403 x WAV Files Total.
274 x MIDI Files Total.
219 x Spire Presets.
31 x Serum Presets.
24 x Sylenth1 Presets.

Download Psytrance Synth Loops & Samples Pack

DMS Tripped Out Psytrance Loops Vol 2

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download Psytrance loops and MIDI from dancemidisamples.comWe’re back with another collection of 40 tripped out Psychedelic Trance loops covering mind-boggling acidic textures and gated FX along with MIDI loops allowing you to layer in your own synth sounds! 24-Bit key-labelled WAV loops recorded at 140 BPM.

Download Psytrance Synth Loops & Sampls Pack


Ascension – Psytrance VST Synth!

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Best Psytrance VST Synth!

Check out our latest Psytrance demo for Ascension VST Synthesizer! We’ve worked hard to make a VSTi that’s perfect for Psychedelic Trance producers. Use Ascension’s 4 layers to create swirling interdimensional drones, pads and FX, use super tight envelopes to create punchy basslines (with built in psy bass arpeggio presets available too), or make eerie lead synths using wavetable and subtractive oscilltors – this beast has plenty of scope for creating your own entirely unique sounds!

Download Psytrance Synthesizer - Ascension VST/ AU Plugin

DMS Psytrance Arpeggio Loops

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download Psytrance synthesizer loops

We’ve created 50 swirling Psychedelic background arpeggios that are perfect for your creating awesome layers in your next tracks! These 24-Bit WAV loops are perfect to getting an instant texture in your tracks, ready to lay your own unique sounds on top!

Since all of the loops are in the same musical key (F) they’re super-easy to mix ‘n’ match to make trippy grooves!

The sample pack also includes the percussion and bassline loops from our demo track too.

Download Psytrance Synth Loops at

Classic Progressive FSTVL Trance Anthems

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Classic Progressive FSTVL Trance Anthems Sample Pack - WAV / MIDI / Spire Presets

Get an amazing 26 Trance construction kits, loaded with nearly 2 GB of 24-Bit WAV loops, MIDI for melodic patterns along with all the features you’d expect from top sample label Elevated Trance. Loops recorded at 130 & 132 BPM.

Incredible value for anyone looking to expand their sample collection!

Classic Progressive FSTVL Trance Anthems

DMS Ascension VST Synthesizer: New Psytrance Demo

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Take a listen to our new Psytrance demo for our new synth DMS Ascension – we’ve crammed this hybrid beast with tons of Psy friendly sounds!

Check ot more demo tracks and get the full low-down on DMS Ascension VST here.



• Over 800 Presets, 900 ROMs, 1100 waveforms & 1700 MIDI loops included.
•​ Four multi-select oscillators.
• High shelf and low shelf filters for each oscillator.
• Frequency modulation controls for each oscillator type.
• Pitch detune for each oscillator.
• Three oscillator types (subtractive, waveform, ROM).
• Waveform generator and editor for oscillators and LFO’s.
• Waveform import.
• Two arpeggiator types: MIDI Player mode, and internally controlled.
• Preset, oscillator & MIDI library browsers.
• Nine filter types including lowpass, highpass and bandpass.
• ASDR amplitude and filter envelopes.
• Four auxiliary modulation envelopes.
• Eight modulation matrix destinations.
• 2 LFO’s with a choice of 4 waveforms & custom waveform mode.
• 6 FX units with configurable signal chain.
• Light and dark skin options.
• Windows & Mac VST/ Audio Unit and stand alone versions.