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Gigaloops: 300 Electro House Bass Loops [WAV & REX]

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Gigaloops: 300 Electro House Bass Loops [WAV & REX]
Listen to the Electro House Bass Loops here

300 Electro House Bass Loops is a pro quality selection of bass loops designed specifically for producers of Electro House, Tech House and Classic House. Provided in both WAV and REX formats. These bass samples will provide seriously chunky bottom end grooves for your latest House creations! All Gigaloops packs are licensed to you royalty free, so you can use them in your original productions at no extra cost.

Presented in both WAV & REX formats this Electro House bass loop sample pack provides excellent editing flexibility for your tracks. An unmissable, massive collection of flexible Electro House basslines! 

Format: WAV & REX

Sample Pack


150 WAV 8t Bass Loops
150 REX 8t Bass Loops
150 WAV Bass Loops
150 REX Bass Loops

Recorded at 120 BPM

Download size:  154 mb

Works with this software and many more:


PC & Mac Compatible


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Electrolysis: Electro House Loops

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Listen to the Electro House Loops here.

Electrolysis showcase 20 powerful Electro House lead riff loops in AIFF, WAVE & MIDI format in this wav audio & MIDI pack. Need an instant Electro hit? Then simply drop the audio or MIDI in to your sequencer software and get creative! For more information about the flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section.

This loop sample pack also includes a super-tight Electro drum-kit and FX in one-shot samples to accompany your next Electro anthem!

PC & Mac Compatible

Format: WAV Loop & MIDI pack
MIDI  – 20 Lead Riffs
Audio – 20 127bpm Loops in WAVE & AIFF Format
Bonus Audio – 28 Files in WAVE & AIFF Format
Download size: 78 mb

Electro House Loops

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Listen to the Electro House Loops here

Our latest release offers over 350 Electro House samples featuring single shot drum beats: kick drums, hi-hats, claps & snare and misc percussive elements to build into your own house productions. The pack also contains 45 original Electro House Loops as both WAv and REX (Recycle! Loop) format for instant production heaven.

Minimal, Tech & Progressive producers will also find this collection of pro samples indispensable in their sonic armoury. Phatten up your rhythms today!

DMS Electro House Drums & Loops 3

PC & Mac Compatible


Format: WAV Sample Pack
Content: 430 WAV files
150 Kick Drums
90 Cymbals & Hats
50 Snares & Claps
35 Bonus FX
45 Drum Loops (WAV & REX)
Download Size: 58 mb

Electro House Drum Hits – Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hi Hats & REX Loops

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Our latest Combi Pack features both Volumes of our top selling Electro House Percussion drums series: this download contains over 450 single shot, kick drums, snares, hat & Recycle Loops as well as bonus bass and Electro synth stab samples. Listen to the Electro Sample Pack here.

DMS Electro House Toolkit 2

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The sequel to our smash-hit DMS Electro House Toolkit is finally here! We know you’re going to love this pack: it’s our answer to the huge numbers of requests which have been piling in for deeper, harder basslines. Brought to you in WAV and MIDI format with a bonus V-Station soundset this is definitely one for the bassheads! Listen to the Electro pack here.

Electro Fusion: Electro House Loops & MIDI files

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We’ve just released our latest Electro House sample pack, featuring 40 grimey, twisted basslines and lead synths ready to slot straight into your next track. Not content with that we’ve provided every loop in MIDI format too – meaning that you’ve got massive flexibility! Don’t like the sound used in the WAV loop? Then simply import the matching MIDI file into your sequencer, load up your favourite VST then choose your own unique sound, re-arrange the melody and get rockin! As usual this is an exclusive DMS product, you won’t find our products on any other legal download sites! Listen to the sample pack here.

DMS Electro House Toolkit

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You asked and we responded – our synth boffins have been slaving away in the electro basement to bring you this unbelievable electro house megapack…We kick things off with 30 bassline MIDI files ripe for dropping straight into your next storming electro monster. Not only that, but we’ve provided a bonus bank of 30 thunderous Novation V-Station presents (both leads and basses). If you’re a V-Station owner, prepare to hear your favourite synth twisted in some brand new directions (as well as a few familiar ones…).

On top of that, we’ve got 15 bassline loops for instant gratification. Like what you hear in the demo? Every single one of those bass sounds is in the V-Station bank, plus we’ve included the audio and MIDI for each loop as well as all the percussion and FX samples! We’re nice like that. This is a truly unique pack that you won’t find anywhere else – MIDI, loops, samples and V-Station patches all conspiring to take you to Electro heaven…what else could you ask for?

Listen to the demo track here.