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Asension 1.0.1 Now Available At Black Octopus Sound For $99 USD!

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Asension VST Synth - just $99 USD!

Get Ascension VSTi/ AU Synthesiser direct from our buddies at Black Octopus Sound for just $99 USD right now!

Grab your copy of version 1.0.1 right here:


Windows & Mac Synthesizer

Windows VST/ VST3
Mac OSX Audio Unit / VST3
Stand Alone Version Included
Support for 32 & 64 Bit DAWs

Over 870 Presets & 900 ROMs

Over 1100 Waveforms
Over 1700 MIDI Loops
10.5 GB ROM Library
Light & Dark Skins


Subtractive, Waveform & ROM OSCs
Arp With MIDI Player Mode
Drag N Drop MIDI To Your DAW

Multi FX Unit
Drag N Drop FX Chain
ADSR Envelope
ADSR Filter Envelope
4 Auxiliary Envelopes
8 Modulation Destinations
9 Filter Types

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or Higher
Mac OSX 10.9.5 or Higher

VST2 / 3 or AU Compliant Host
Minimum Of 8 GB RAM
11 GB Free Disk Space
Download Size: 8 GB


DMS Ascension – PC & Mac Synthesizer

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DMS Ascension - VST/ AU 64-Bit Synth Workstation

We’re proud to release ‘DMS Ascension’, our new next generation PC & Mac compatible 64-bit workstation synth!

Get your copy of DMS Ascension here!

Choose from subtractive, wavetable synthesis and a huge 10.5 GB ROM sound library. The synth also includes a MIDI loop player, with drag and drop support to your DAW along with a collection of over 1700 royalty-free MIDI files.


• Over 800 Presets Included.
•​ Four multi-select oscillators.
• High shelf and low shelf filters for each oscillator.
• Frequency modulation controls for each oscillator type.
• Pitch detune for each oscillator.
• Three oscillator types (subtractive, waveform, ROM).
• Waveform generator and editor for oscillators and LFO’s.
• Waveform import.
• Two arpeggiator types: MIDI Player mode, and internally controlled.
• Preset, oscillator & MIDI library browsers.
• Nine filter types including lowpass, highpass and bandpass.
• ASDR amplitude and filter envelopes.
• Four auxiliary modulation envelopes.
• Eight modulation matrix destinations.
• 2 LFO’s with a choice of 4 waveforms & custom waveform mode.
• 6 FX units with configurable signal chain.
• Light and dark skin options.
• Windows & Mac VST/ Audio Unit and stand alone versions.


Featured In VST Instruments: Ametrine Audio Fire & Ice

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Ametrine Audio Fire & Ice

Today in VST Instruments we’re taking a look at this superb synth from Ametrine Audio. Using the powerful Wusik Engine this fully featured synth launches you straight into Old Skool Rave flavours covering stabs, basses, pads wave sequences and more. If you need to create rave sounds and don’t want to rely on samples then you’ll love this VST synth! The synth comes with a massive 4.2 GB ROM library including 160 presets with 250 variations so you know that you’ll find a sound that’s perfect for you’re next techno, rave, or electro house track! Listen to the Rave VSTi here.

Need more? Listen to our other Old Skool Loops & Samples.

Wolsfraektroes Music Albino Presets

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Listen to the Albino Presets here

Wolsfraektroes Music Albino Presets

Wolsfraektroes Music present their latest soundset for Rob Papen’s Albino VST softsynth for electro/ minimal & tech house producers. You’ll find sweeping arps, warm basses, solid drums, crazy FX, silky pads, cutting-edge synths & tight plucked sounds all ready to give your tracks that Albino extra edge! If you need to expand your Albino sounds collection with a pro-quality preset bank then take a listen to the demo track now!

PC & Mac Compatible


Format: Synth Sound Bank

Content: 112 patches,
13 – Arpeggios
28 – Bass
14 – Drums
12 – FX
6 – Pads
19 – Plucks
19 – Synth

Standard FXP files
[Requires Rob Papen Albino 3 VSTi]

Rob Papen Predator Presets

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Listen to the Rob Papen Predator Presets here

MRFX returns to DMS bringing you 50 raw, twisted, sharp sounds for Rob Papen’s acclaimed Predator VST instrument. Capable of a wide variety of sounds and filthy tones this synthesizer is a cut above the rest and this soundset bank features host of awesome new presets for the synth. Whatever you produce be it Breaks, House, Techno, Electro, Minimal or Progressive and you need a fresh dose of fat, dirty, electronic synth sounds then MRFX-RAW is aimed at you! These presets will take your tracks to a new level! So take your imagination on a ride today!

PC & Mac Compatible

Format: Synth Soundset
50 Presets
[Requires Rob Papen Predator VSTi]

DMS Dimension Trance VST – out now!!!

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Listen to the Trance VST now

DMS Dimension VST Synth

If you’re a professional producer, or you’ve ever worked with one, you’ll know that a lot of time in the studio is spent layering up synth sounds to create big, powerful tones. To save time, over the years, we’ve built up a library of huge layered sounds to take the hassle out of this process, and now we’re going to share it with you…

DMS Dimension is a VST instrument which gives you instant access to our professional quality 1.2 GB ROM library full of soaring trance leads synths, fat trance basses, insane trance FX, bright synth pianos and lush trance pads.

Our aim is to give you a comprehensive toolkit of tones which can slot into any trance or progressive tune. That’s why we’ve stuck to clean, powerful multi-layered sounds for every single one of the 128 presets. We’d be more than happy to use any of these sounds in a track ourselves: there’s no filler whatsoever. Check out the demos above if you don’t believe us: every single sound comes from Dimension (apart from the drums, of course!).

Dimension has a simple, fast architecture: amplitude and filter envelopes, a chunky lowpass filter, a delay unit and a reverb unit. Each patch uses two multisamples which are layered together: you can adjust the balance of these if you want. That’s it: there’s no faff; just instant, usable sounds which can be tweaked so they fit perfectly with the rest of your mix.

All of the individual tones used by Dimension are stored in the popular SF2 (SoundFont) format, which can be used with most VST sampler plug-ins. If you love the sounds, but want to do your own sound design using your own software, feel free to use the samples!

Professional sounds, perfect usability and a vast sample library for just £49.99 (US $79.38) you’ve got to pick this plugin up today.

This product is available for Windows only.


49 Trance Pads, 41 Trance Leads, 10 Hoover-style Leads, 22 Trance Basses, 4 Pianos, 2 FX Banks


1.2GB sample library comprised of 109 SF2’s

Amplitude ADSR, Filter ADSR, Lowpass Filter, Auto-quantized delay unit with Normal, Dotted and Triplet modes, Reverb unit, Tone 1 and Tone 2 level controls

Minimum system requirements:

PC running Windows XP or Vista, VST 2.0 compliant host, Pentium III 800mhz, 512 MB RAM

Dancida VST Instrument

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Listen to the demo track here

Great dance sounds don’t need to cost the earth!

Dancida VSTi is a new budget virtual synth aimed squarely at dance music producers.  It’s an easy-to-use but powerful plug-in which will slot perfectly into any house, trance, techno or hard dance track.

The synth offers three oscillators with nine possible waveforms running through a choice of six filters.  Two of these filters, “BadBoy LP” and “Analog LP”, are completely unique to Dancida and are perfect for providing that vicious bite that a cutting-edge dance patch needs.

Thumping basses, sharp lead sounds and blissful pads are the order of the day, all presented in a simple, clear interface. Dancida’s 128 presets cover a wide range of tones, from short plucks to drifting atmospheric synth strings.  The emphasis is on usability rather than showing off: you won’t find any ridiculous “soundscapes” here!

Windows VST Only

This product is available for Windows only.

Dancida VSTi


3 oscillators
9 waveforms per oscillator including: Vintage Saw, Vintage Square and Pulse.
2 sine-generated LFO’s for modulation of both oscillator pitch and
filter cutoff, each independent.
2 ADSR’s for filter and amplitude.
6 filter choices including two filters unique to Dancida: “BadBoy LP”
and “Analog LP”.
2 effects: Reverb, Delay.

PC VST Only.

128 presets