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New reFX Vanguard Sounds released!

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Need to get your club tracks noticed? Then the DMS reFX Vanguard Commercial Bible expansion pack is the soundset you’ve been waiting for. Pumped up with 128 up-to-date sounds the bank features massive lead synths, pulsating basses, rapid arps, silky rich pads, tripped out FX and much more! Listen to the Vanguard sounds here.

New reFX Vanguard Dance Soundset

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on October 26, 2008 by dancemidisamples

Want to sound like the Pro’s? We’re about to release the third reFX vanguard soundset from our programming genius Gary F. L – this 128 preset collection focuses on modern club sounds: jump, trance, psytrance and hardcore. Add a fresh injection of powerful sounds to this awesome synth! Go to our synth sounds section here.

New reFx Vanguard Soundset on DMS

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We’re poised to release our latest reFX Vanguard Soundset from hot synth programmer Gary F L – this time heading into the ambient and sound design territories with 128 mind bending textures, arps and soundscapes! These sounds for your synth are out now here!

In the meantime you can listen to his best selling Vanguard Electro Bible Soundset here.