Reveal Sound Spire Bass Presets

Audiozone-Reveal-Sound-Spire-InSPIRE-Bass-edition-800Get the new bass preset pack for Reveal Sound Spire from the programming masters at Audio Zone Studios! ‘InSpire – Bass Edition’ from Audiozone Samples contains 50 first-class Bass patches for the amazing synthesizer, Reveal Sound Spire! Get this amazing Bass Preset Pack for Spire here.

All presets have been carefully designed to fit straight into your mix. 
Every patch has been perfectly tweaked with ModWheel Control assigned to enable you to edit each sound to your own personal taste.

Drawing inspiration from the biggest artists, these presets feature the trademark sounds of many recent chart-toppers and will be suitable for any genre from EDM, Electro House, Progressive House to Techno, Deep & Future House, Trap, Dubstep and many more.

Expect to find fat & powerful Basses in the bank, each ready for the next crowd smashing drop: elevate your productions to devastating dancefloor style with this soundset for Spire!



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