Twisted Drum Loops & Drum Hits


Dark Window Recs presents their brand new collection of strangely unusual and slightly mind-warped drum loops and drum hits to help bend, buckle and twist your own musical creations into something otherworldly and unique. The D.W.R team have been busy building up a complex and somewhat unusual range of ‘IDM’ (Intelligent Dance Music) drum loop samples aimed at today’s and tomorrow’s modern music producer to add some unique flavour into their own musical ideas. DOWNLOAD THE DRUM LOOPS HERE

This collection will cater for most modern music genres at the tempo speeds of: 90bpm/100bpm/110bpm/120bpm which include; IDM, EDM, House, Electronica, Hip Hop, Ambient, Industrial, Trap, Trance, and plenty of others including a myriad of sub genres.

Keeping to the usual easy work-flow standard that Dark Window Recs provides, each drum loop sample contains loop name & bpm in their title for easy recognition, and each loop contains 2 versions ( example; loop1A loop2A, loop1B loop2B, etc..) for more flexibility. with 4 drum loop folders categorised into 4 different tempos – 90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm & 120bpm, all containing 12 drum loops each, a total of 48 unique drum loops. Plus a Drum kit Hits folder containing 89 kicks, snares and percussion samples, all of which can be used seamlessly with the drum loops for extra drum loop modifying. DOWNLOAD THE DRUM LOOPS HERE

This weird and wonderful sample pack is ideal for pros and beginners who wish to add something new and unique to their own creations, which would not disappoint even the hardiest of sound manglers. Intentionally designed to help those looking to add something different and unusual to their music, and to hopefully open and expand your own creational work flow in the studio.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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