DMS Trance Rush Vol 2

DMS Trance Rush Vol 2

It’s back! The DMS Trance Rush series features the very best of what our Trance production packs have to offer: a solid collection of riffs and chord sequences designed for all Trance sub-genres alongside a great selection of bonus material to get your productions off with a BANG! Whether you like your Trance Uplifting, Progressive, Minimal or even straight up Hard this series has plenty of chunky Trance energy for you to sink your teeth into. Explore the latest additions to our ever growing production library today!

This new pack features 5 Trance groove construction kits (WAV audio and MIDI loops provided) which you can hear in our demo track, plus an additional 20 MIDI folders each featuring a matching pair of chord progressiona dn lead riff MIDI files. We’ve also included a special bonus MIDI folder (including MIDI arpeggio patterns), FX and SoundFonts created for the demo track so that you can get started on creating your new Trance anthem straight away!

We’re all about unleashing your own creativity here at DMS, as the flexibility of MIDI means that you can change and edit the sequences to your heart’s desire. No need to endlessly stare at your keyboard trying to come up with a killer lead riff – just grab these and adapt them to your purposes. For more information about the flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section. Check out this pack today!

Format: MIDI & Construction Kit Pack
Content: 5 Construction Kits


25 Lead Riffs (.mid)

25 Pad Sequences (.mid)

11 Bonus WAV Loops & FX

23 Bonus MIDI Files

03 SoundFonts (Bass, Lead, Pad)

Download Size: 126 mb

Works with this software and many more:


PC & Mac Compatible


Listen to our other Trance MIDI packs here.


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