Psytrance MIDI Pack from Psy-Load

Psytrance MIDI Pack from Psy-Load
Listen to the Psy-Trance MIDI Pack
Twisted Reaction MIDI Pack Volume 1 is an ultimate tool for Psy-Trance, Trance, Hard-Trance, Uplifting, Hardcore, Techno and almost every other electronic dance music style. The pack  includes Melodies, Arps, Synthesizer Riffs & Basslines in MIDI format,  giving you endless possibilities to edit, transpose, assign your own sounds and create your own original grooves! This download also contains a bonus pack of Percussion Loops & Bass Drums (Kicks) in Wave format. You can use these MIDI & Wave files in any of your productions as they are 100% royalty free! Expand your production horizons with this excellent MIDI pack!

Format: MIDI Pack



30 Melodies

30 Arps

30 Basslines

30 Riffs


Bonus WAV:

19 Drum Loops

30 Kick Drums



Works with this software and many more:


PC & Mac Compatible


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