Predator Trance & Progressive Soundset from DWSD

Predator Trance & Progressive Soundset from DWSD
Listen to the Predator Soundset here

DWSD presents a soundset that all Rob Papen Predator owners can sink their claws into! Regarded very much in most dance music genre’s as a ‘Go to’ Soft synth, Predator never stops surprising with its versatility.

Trance & Progressive producer’s will love this modern up-to-date soundbank which covers everything you need, from warm pads, addictive drums, to analogue Leads, original but highly usable effects, cute plucks & much more! Given the fact the Predator can create such an vast array of sounds, this set was a lot of fun to design!

If there’s something missing in your production no matter what style, you will find the sound you’re after right here in no time! The bank includes 120 presets all categorized for ease of use, i.e bass, Leads, Effects, Synths, Plucks, Pads and comes in easy-to-load .fxb file format.

As you’ll hear in the demo, this soundset is designed for all dance music genres. All sounds in the demo, including effects, were created with this soundset alone!

Format: Synth Soundset

120 Presets
FXB Format


31 Bass
31 Lead
08 Pluck
13 Drums & Percussion
8 Synth
11 Pad
11 Arp
07 FX

[Requires Rob Papen Predator VSTi]

PC & Mac Compatible



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