NI Massive VST Psytrance Soundset 2

NI Massive VST Psytrance Soundset 2

NI Massive VST Psytrance Soundset 2
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Another essential Psytrance soundset from Mechanimal featuring some of the tightest Psy sounds we’ve ever heard! Mechanimal show off their synth programming skills with the release their latest VST soundset for NI Massive.

The bank features 65 stunning Psytrance presets cover all the sounds that you’ll need for creating modern Psytrance grooves including basses, leads, sequenced sounds, sounscapes & FX (including those tasty Psy zaps!). If you need a collection of excellent Psytrance synth sounds then this is an essential soundset! All sounds from the demo track excluding drums and percussion are from NI Massive.


Format: Synth Bank

65 Sounds

[Requies NI Massive 1.2.1]

PC & Mac Compatible


Tags: NI Massive, NI Massive Patches, NI Massive Soundsets, NI Massive Presets Works with both VST & AU versions. You MUST have version 1.2.1 for this soundset to work.


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