Cubase 6 Progressive House Project 2 from Lab of Music

Cubase 6 Progressive House Project 2 from Lab of Music

Click here to listen to the Progressive house Cubase project

Lab of Music are back with another great Cubase 6 template covering Progressive House and Dance production techniques. This project covers all the techniques that you’ll need to master Progressive House tracks in this powerful sequencer! The project folder contains an entire Progressive House arrangement including all the samples, sounds and presets you’ll need to create your own tracks using Cubase. The project uses only Cubase’s built-in plugin suite so you don’t need any 3rd party plugins to open the project.

This Project illustrates many of the techniques that are used in Professional Studios:

How to route the Mixer channels in Cubase 6?
How to program Groove & Beat with Groove Agent ONE?
How to automate plugins & other parts?
How to use filter automation?
How to use & route side chain with a reverb effect?
How to use & route side chain for parts like Bass, Keys or Pad?
How to cut frequencies with EQ for Parts like Bass, Keys or Pad?
How to make a great mixing & mixdown for Dance Music?
How to master a Progressive House Track in Cubase 6?

All of these questions and many more will be answered Lab of Music – Progressive House Project V2!

Instrument / Synthesizer Plugins used:
– Groove Agent One (Beat, Groove & FX)
– HALion Sonic SE (Keys, Chords, Pads & Leads)
– Monologue (Bassline, Sub Bass, FX- Up Filter, FX- Noise)
– Spector (Pad)
– Prologue (Pad)

FX Plugins:
– Step Filter (Robot Effect for Pad’s)
– Dynamics Compressor (sidechain effect)
– Stereo Enhancer
– Stereo Delay
– Studio EQ
– Room Works (Reverb)
– Dual Filter
– Multiband Compressor
– Maximiser
– UV22HR (dither)

If you like the sound of this template why not take a listen through our Progressive House packs – all packed full of hi-quality usable Progressive samples & MIDI files ready for instant integration into your Cubase projects. Find Out More!

Format: Cubase Project[Requires Cubase 6] Requires Cubase 5.5 +
This project is only compatible with Cubase 6

Visit the Lab of Music website here.

This project is not compatible with older versions of Cubase, Cubase 4, 5 or Cubase SX.

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