DMS Ableton Live Trance Pack [Live Pack]

DMS Ableton Live Trance Pack [Live Pack]
Listen to the Ableton Live Pack here.

Over 1.5 GB of content covering MIDI clips, multi-sampled Simpler instruments covering lead synths and pads, Instrument Racks, percussion hits & drum loops: a complete Trance production pack for Ableton Live 8.

This Ableton Live pack also includes a complete Trance track so that you can see exactly how our Pro’s here at DMS put together a track from start to finish. Of course this track is provided to you royalty free meaning that you’re free to use it to create your own Trance masterpieces, a learning tool or use it as a template to build original tracks.

The Live Pack includes 140 MIDI clips taken from 2 of our top MIDI packs (Peak Time Trance MIDI Vol 1 & Deep Trance MIDI Vol 1) covering Trance melodies, chord sequences, baselines as well as extra 4/4 percussion patterns and melodic arp patterns so that you can be sure that you’ve got the right elements as soon as you install the pack. We’ve also included all the MIDI clips in 2 additional projects so that you can easily audition them to slide straight into your own tracks.

If you’re looking for a massive collection of Trance sounds for Ableton Live and a great starter project then check out this Live Pack today! Need more MIDI clips for Ableton Live?Find-Out-More

Listen to the Ableton Live Pack here.

Format: Ableton Live Pack

Content: 1 Trance Track (Demo above)
2 Live Sets featuring all MIDI clips.

50 Simpler Instruments
25 Instrument Rack Presets

151 Single drum hits

Download Size: 920 mb

[Requires Ableton Live 8]

Requires Ableton Live 8

PC & Mac Compatible


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