Access Virus TI Soundset – Dan Wray Sound Design

Listen to the Access Virus TI Soundset here

Access Virus TI Soundset - Dan Wray Sound Design

The first soundset from Dan Wray Sound Design is here! The Access Virus is arguably the most popular synthesizer in Dance music to date. If your lucky enough to have one, you’re in luck here! These 128 patches were specifically made for the Virus TI so that when you load them in you’ll immediately hear how diverse this synth can be. This bank includes everything from driving basses, minimal toms, to amazing leads, massive trance pads and custom arpeggiators. This soundset showcases the very best sounds that your Virus can create!  Although the set was designed specifically for Trance, Progressive, House, Techno and Minimal, these top-notch sounds will find a home in any other musical genre or project.

Note: that only those who own an Access Virus can use this soundset: If that’s you then this is your ‘go-to’ soundset for your ‘go-to synth’. Check these amazing Virus patches out today!

Format: Synth Bank

128 Synth Patches

[Requires Access Virus]

25 Bass
16 Arps
24 Leads
24 Pads
12 Plucks
6 FX
13 Percussive
4 Acid
4 Misc


Need more Access Virus sounds? Take a listen to our other Access Virus Soundsets.Find Out More


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