Ametrine Audio Ravernator Fire & Ice Edition

Listen to the Rave VST here!

Ametrine Audio Ravernator Fire & Ice Edition

Now updated for 2010! Based on the award winning Wusik-Engine Ametrine Audio Ravernator recreates the classic stabs, synths and basses of Old Skool Rave, Hardcore, Gabba and any genre that requires that classic flavour: The ultimate Rave VST!

Ravernator now comes with 700 ready to use sounds each with several variations to suit your needs. The FREE ‘Fire and Ice’ expansion provides you with fully editable old skool flavoured sounds, making the VSTi perfect for Rave, Techno, Hardcore & Breaks (or any other genre that requires up-front rave stabs and synths!). Ametrine Audio created this expansion with 2 different personalities: the Fire preset section covers Bass, Stab and Synths, while the Ice section brings you Pads, Wave sequences, Keys, Organs and Bell Tones.


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