Eternal Waves UK Hardcore Loops Vol 1

Listen to UK Hardcore Loops here!

Eternal Waves UK Hardcore Loops Vol 1

Eternal Waves present their massive UK Hardcore Loop library featuring over 270 mb of pumping lead riffs, phat buzzing basses and extra special bonus content in both WAV & MIDI format. If you need to produce uplifting, hands-in-the-air Hardcore beats then this sample pack is what you’ve been waiting for. Inspired by artists such as Breeze & Styles, Gammer, Hixxy & Scott Brown each of the 40 loops comes with a lead synth and matching bass line ready for instant action in your sequencer. Don’t like the sound? No problem load up the corresponding MIDI file and your favourite VSTi and away you go: you’re free to edit the notes of the sequence exactly as you need them! For more information about the flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section.

As a bonus all the percussion loops, FX and sounds from the demo track are included in the download so that you won’t be short of Hardcore samples to start creating your own UK Hardcore anthems straight away.

Format: WAV & MIDI Loop Pack
Content: 40 Lead Riff MIDI Files
40 Bassline MIDI Files
Audio: 40 Lead Riff Loops
40 Bassline Loops
Bonus Audio Content:
6 Percussion loops
5 Melody Loops
8 FX
Download size: 276 mb
Works with this software and many more:


PC & Mac Compatible


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