Featured In VSTi Soundsets: Vanguard Sounds Bundle

Listen to the Vanguard Sounds Bundle here!

VSTi Sounds For Vanguard

Today in our every growing synth patches section we’re taking a look at our DMS Vanguard Sounds Bundle. If your reFX Vanguard sound library VST is in of  some fresh patches then this collection of over 380 new synth tones will open your mind to the endless possibilities that this versatile softsynth has to offer. Whether you need a dose of Electro sounds from the DMS Vanguard Electro Bible, or Cascada/ Basshunter/ All Around The World Recs style sounds for commercial club music projects with the DMS Vanguard Commercial Bible or some twisted, electronic textures and synths from the Intrepid Soundwave bank then we’ve got the soundset for you! From fizzing electro house leads and Benny Bennassi style basses to full on Psytrance stylings this complete Vanguard Expansion will rock your speaker cones – and your productions! Listen to the VSTi Soundsets here. Explore our unique collection of reFX Vanguard Expansions here.


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