SAVE! DMS Liquid Trance MIDI Combi Pack 2 – Out Now!


SAVE! Liquid Trance MIDI Combi 2

Need a massive hit of royalty free trance MIDI files covering soaring, punchy lead riffs and oozing, luscious chord progressions? Then this collection of 100 MIDI files is for you! Ready to slide straight into your own productions each MIDI clip has been lovingly tailored to suit your needs. If you love Anjunbeats style trance then you’ll love this collection! Of course we’ve also provided all the sounds

from the demo tracks as wav loops and FX samples too. Whether you use loop based software such as Ableton Live or Acid or linear sequencers such as Cubase and Logic this pack is perfectly suited to your musical production needs. Listen to the Trance MIDI files here.

Need more? Listen to our other Trance MIDI files & Samples. Listen to our other royalty free midi files.


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