New in MIDI Packs: DMS Massive Trance Riffs Vol 3

Listen to the Massive Trance Riffs here.

MIDI Loops Massive Trance Riffs 3

New in MIDI loops today! We know what you trance producers crave here at DMS – massive, epic and uplifting trance lead lines that are perfect to drive your latest tracks. Whether you produce progressive, uplifting or hard trance these melodies will set your creativity ablaze! Featuring 30 up-front and original lead riffs this download also contains wav audio copies of every riff – so no need to fiddle around with VST settings it you don’t need to: they will loop perfectly in loop based sequencers such as Ableton Live and Sony Acid. However since every sequence is also provided in MIDI file format you’ve got full flexibility here: if you’d like to add your own unique synth sound, re-arrange the notes of the riff, add fills, edits or transpose the musical key then all you need to do is load up the MIDI file, choose your favourite VST synth and you’re away! Just add your own beats and voila: Trance Heaven! Listen to the Massive Trance Riffs here.

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