PopFocus: Modern Pop Rock Samples & MIDI

Listen to Modern Pop Rock Samples & MIDI here!

Our best-selling Pop loops series PopFocus returns with a follow up to the extremely popular Modern Pop MIDI & sample pack available exclusively through DMS.

In Modern Pop Rock MIDI & Samples you’ll find four individual modern pop rock songs complete with verses, bridges and choruses. The MIDI parts of each song are here for you to use as they are, or manipulate as you see fit! On top of that there are over 50 perfectly looping audio files in WAV format ready to be dropped straight into your sequencer of choice, rock on! Great for use with loop-based software such as Ableton Live!

If bands such as The Killers, MGMT, All American Rejects or Blink 182 are your inspiration, or if you fancy having a go at making some pop rock, but don’t play the guitar, drums or bass then look no further than Modern Pop Rock MIDI & Samples to get your creative juices pumped up and rocking! Just add your own pop vocals!

Remember since everything’s provided in MIDI format you can easily replace any sound you choose with your own unique vision – just load up the corresponding MIDI file to the part. For more information about the amazing flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section.

PC & Mac Compatible


Also available in this series: Popfocus – Modern Pop

Format: WAV Sample Pack
Content: 60 WAV Files & Loops
Split over 4 songs
49 MIDI files
Download Size: 216 mb

Works with this software & many more:

Works with this software & more!


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