DMS Euphoric Riffs and Pads Vol 3

Listen to the Euphoric Riffs & Pads here

It’s time for the next installment in our massive Epic Riffs and Chords series!  We’ve been saving this one up to unleash at just the right moment, and now is the time to experience the towering majesty of glorious chords jammed into a sparkling, effervescent fusion with a plethora of magnificent riffs!

Ok, we got a bit carried away there and we’re sorry, but if you’re a trance, hard dance or hardcore producer looking for a great collection of top MIDI material then you need look no further than this fantastic pack.

50 MIDI files, paired up as matching chord sequences and riffs are the order of the day: top quality tunes and moving progressions that will light up any production.

These files are brought to you from our professional producers at DMS: everyone who has worked on this pack has released tracks on top labels, so you can trust their judgement!

As a bonus we’ve included all the  sounds used in our demo track as loops and samples for instant use in your productions. For more information about MIDI see our FAQ section.

Mac & PC Compatible


Format: MIDI Pack
Content: 50 Pad & Lead Riff MIDI files
Bonus Audio: WAV Loops & Samples
Bonus Audio: 21 WAV Loops
12 FX
44.1kHz | 24 Bit | Stereo
134 BPM
Download size: 103 mb


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