DMS Progressive House MIDI Loops Vol 5

Listen to the Progressive Trance MIDI files here

We know you love our high-quality royalty-free progressive trance MIDI sequences, so we’re back to take things to the next level with this awesome collection!

We’ve crafted this pack to suit the more complex nature of progressive trance: 60 chord sequences and riffs combine to give you the perfect inspiration to fuel your next progressive monster!

Our Progressive Trance series is highly popular on DMS, so we’ve used our experience to push things even further this time around. These sequences could find a home in almost any trance track, so check them out.  Every sequence was written by producers who have released trance tracks on top labels, so if you think you need a professional touch in your latest production, give them a spin. For more information about the flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section.

The download also contains all the sounds, samples and loops used in the demo track to get your productions off to a flying start.

PC & Mac Compatible


Format: MIDI Pack
Content: 60 lead, pad
& bass MIDI files
Bonus Audio: 33 loops
& sounds and FX from demo
Download Size: 87.5 mb


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