Liquid Trance MIDI Volume 3

Listen to the Trance MIDI Here

Here’s the latest installment in our best-selling Liquid Trance series! This is our classiest, smoothest trance series that will take you to new euphoric heights. This is a brilliant selection of riffs and chord sequences that have the blissed-out flow necessary for uplifting, big room anthems.  If you’ve checked out this series before, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Once again, it’s a tough one to let this out of our hands – there are some really moving, top quality chord progressions here that could easily grace the playlists of top trance DJ’s if produced correctly.  These tunes could be huge…just add your favourite trance synths & pads!

Every riff is paired with its own chord sequence in the same key, so it couldn’t be easier to combine them: just line them up in your sequencer; it really is that simple. As a special bonus we’ve included every sound and effect from the demo track as wav loops and trance SoundFonts for instant gratification!

Our experienced trance MIDI producers have released tracks on major labels and know the ins and outs of creating unbelievable tunes that will dominate the dancefloor: if you think you need some professional assistance then pick up this pack today! For more information about the flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section.

PC & Mac Compatible

Format: MIDI Pack
Content: 50 Pad & Lead Riff MIDI files
Bonus Audio: 11 WAV FX
19 Melody Loops
10 SoundFonts
Download Size: 174.8 MB


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