Massive Basslines MIDI Vol 1

Listen to the bassline MIDI files here.

Continuing our DMS ‘Massive’ series we’ve unleashed DMS Massive Bass: 40 unique bass lines aimed squarely at melodic, hard and funky techno as well as other genres which require the ultimate in groovy syncopated bass sequences. Equally many of these sequences make perfect acid lines and Psytrance producers will also appreciate these groovy MIDI bass loops.

As a special bonus we’ve included all the audio used in our demo track as loops ready for instant action in programs such as Sony Acid and Ableton Live!

Since everything’s provided in MIDI format you’ve got the ultimate in flexibility: choose your own unique sound, change the musical key or tempo, manipulate the notes as you wish, mangle, remix and get inspirational!

For more information about the flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section.

PC & Mac Compatible

Massive Basslines
Format: MIDI Pack
Content: 40 Bass MIDI files
Bonus Audio: 12 bassline loops
4 drum loops
1 crash cymbal
Download size: 60 mb


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