DMS Progressive House MIDI Combi Pack

Listen to the pack here

If you’ve been searching for that killer house riff in vain, then look no further than our brand spanking new Progressive House Combi pack: Volumes One & Two of this top-selling series at a 25% discount! That’s 90 MIDI files featuring basslines, chord sequences and lead riffs all organised into 30 unique house tracks for you to pillage and plunder for your own productions!

Warm, chunky chord sequences and insistent repetitive riffs are what prog house is all about, and so we’ve put together 2 packs that bring the best of the old school and blend it with the cutting edge sheen of modern house. You’ll find acid house-style minor progressions sitting alongside moody, twisted basslines. These files have been grouped into 30 “tracks”, allowing you to instantly put together the components of your next masterpiece. Remember, they’re all MIDI files, so you can edit them, manipulate them or nab them wholesale as they’re copyright free! As a bonus we’ve also included all the progressive house samples used in the demo tracks as wav loops.

Progressive House MIDI Combi

Progressive House MIDI Combi

PC & Mac Compatible


Volume 1:

Content: 45 MIDI files
Bonus Audio: 30 loops from demo,
1 Bass multi-sample from demo
Download size: 110 mb

Volume 2:

Content: 45 MIDI files,
Bonus Audio: 36 WAV files,
44.1 kHz, 24 Bit, Stereo,
127 BPM
Download size: 135 mb


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