Dancida VST Instrument

Listen to the demo track here

Great dance sounds don’t need to cost the earth!

Dancida VSTi is a new budget virtual synth aimed squarely at dance music producers.  It’s an easy-to-use but powerful plug-in which will slot perfectly into any house, trance, techno or hard dance track.

The synth offers three oscillators with nine possible waveforms running through a choice of six filters.  Two of these filters, “BadBoy LP” and “Analog LP”, are completely unique to Dancida and are perfect for providing that vicious bite that a cutting-edge dance patch needs.

Thumping basses, sharp lead sounds and blissful pads are the order of the day, all presented in a simple, clear interface. Dancida’s 128 presets cover a wide range of tones, from short plucks to drifting atmospheric synth strings.  The emphasis is on usability rather than showing off: you won’t find any ridiculous “soundscapes” here!

Windows VST Only

This product is available for Windows only.

Dancida VSTi


3 oscillators
9 waveforms per oscillator including: Vintage Saw, Vintage Square and Pulse.
2 sine-generated LFO’s for modulation of both oscillator pitch and
filter cutoff, each independent.
2 ADSR’s for filter and amplitude.
6 filter choices including two filters unique to Dancida: “BadBoy LP”
and “Analog LP”.
2 effects: Reverb, Delay.

PC VST Only.

128 presets


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